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The lawyers at Gallardo Immigration Law are very experienced in all areas of immigration law. If you or a loved one seeks immigration to the United States, you can benefit from the legal counsel of a family based immigration lawyer. An immigration attorney can help you understand the immigration process and fight for your family’s right to reside in U.S.

Speaking a second language provides a great advantage in the legal field. Typically, when a client cannot speak English, they often do not know what resources are available to effectively access the means and procedures within the realm of justice. For our firm, speaking our clients’ language solves many of these problems and invokes a higher level of trust in the attorney-client relationship.

Since English is the official language in the United States, all judicial proceedings, affidavits, etc., must be conducted in English with the use of an interpreter if necessary. However, based on our experience as attorneys at Gallardo Immigration Law, the use of an interpreter slows down the communication process and often increases costs. Therefore, we can advise you that when it comes to legal matters, you should seek an attorney who speaks your language.

Advantages of Hiring a Bilingual Immigration Lawyer for Effective Communication

The benefits of having a bilingual attorney at our law firm, Gallardo Immigration Law, are unparalleled. The truth is that the North American legal system is complicated and often trips up even the smartest individuals. Therefore, a bilingual attorney from our firm will work with you to understand your case and always have your best interests in mind without falling into confusion or misunderstandings, something that can be fatal in the field of law, even inflicting additional expenses on your budget.

Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of hiring a bilingual attorney:

  • We can communicate directly with you about the case and legal proceedings.
  • It eliminates any concerns about translation errors and the economic and procedural costs associated with them.
  • It assists any non-English-speaking witnesses in responding to our inquiries without the mediation of third parties.
  • It helps assess and overcome any language barriers. This detail is not insignificant; we have had cases where the attorneys on both sides and the judge speak a language other than English; this common second language among the parties has managed to resolve many procedural conflicts.

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Our attorneys at Gallardo Immigration Law can analyze your case in your language instead of speaking in a confusing manner that may result in information loss or misinterpretation by an interpreter.

Because we understand how delicate each case is, we are committed to helping you in any way we can in your language. Hiring an attorney who does not speak Spanish can be detrimental when it comes to defending you. With that in mind, being able to speak your language is a very useful skill for representing our clients.

Get legal advice today without language barriers; our bilingual immigration lawyers will facilitate your understanding of the terms and legal strategies to apply in your process. Additionally, they will keep you updated on the progress of your immigration case, so you can feel confident and secure at every step.

We have Spanish-speaking attorneys dedicated to serving the Hispanic community that mostly immigrates to the United States and facilitating their rapid and successful path to immigration regularization. Don’t wait any longer, call us and request to be assisted in your language.

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