immigration court representation

Immigration court representation

We help you to overcome challenges in Immigration Court Proceedings

Although the statistic may not seem alarmingly low, the reality is that only 44% of people appearing in a deportation process have an immigration lawyer. While many take the risk of representing themselves, immigration court hearings are far from simple processes and even less easy to deal with. From our law firm, Gallardo Immigration Law, we advise you not to take the risk of going to an immigration hearing on your own.

Legal representation in immigration proceedings is actually quite complex. Depending on how you look at the numbers, representation rates can look significantly different, and this makes a difference in the outcome of the cases.

For example, in Florida, the state had 278,360 pending cases in March 2023, the highest number of pending cases in immigration courts of any state in the country. However, only 28.2% appeared in court with a lawyer. Meanwhile, in New York, a state with a similar number of pending cases, about 177,588, the percentage took on a less alarming dimension at 71.7%.

These numbers cannot be overlooked when choosing an immigration lawyer. The location of the court where your case is being heard is very important because each judge interprets the law differently depending on the complexity of the cases and the state where the court is located.
We inform you that our law firm, Gallardo Immigration Law, covers the entire United States virtually or in person, and we can assist you from anywhere in the country. We are available 24/7 through our website and online portal, and regardless of the district of the federal court that is hearing your case, we will fight for your right to achieve your American dream.

Benefits and Impact of Legal Representation in Immigration Court

For people facing tough battles in immigration court, the long waiting times and complicated application processes are frustrating. In addition, the necessary documents and paperwork require attention to detail: there is little margin for error.

In immigration court, mistakes or errors can sometimes mean the difference between a successful outcome and a denial. Certainly, innocent mistakes or procedural errors can cause unwanted delays throughout an already lengthy process.

Unfortunately, those who do not have proper legal assistance lack a crucial ally and guidance in their struggle to live and work in the United States.
Remember, avoid scams and distress: only work with experienced lawyers like those in our firm. While any immigrant facing immigration court is entitled to a lawyer, the U.S. government will not provide one.

Your case, as well as the dream of many immigrants to achieve legal status in this country, deserves the best legal representation. Contact us and make your dreams a reality.

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Is possible self representation in immigration court?

Yes. There is no constitutional or statutory right to have appointed counsel in immigration proceedings. However, the success rate for self-representation is almost nil.

Do not doubt for a second that our immigration lawyers will review the charges against you and identify the relief options and legal resources for which you may be eligible, in order to help you apply for and convince the judge of your good intentions as a contributor to our society. Don’t forget that we are available to handle your case immediately; you can contact us through our Gallardo Immigration Law website, by phone, email, or through our social media channels.

We are the representation you need in immigration court proceedings

Every little detail counts, and an error, no matter how small, can be the difference between winning or losing your case. Even if you have a deportation order against you, our lawyers may be able to help reopen your case so that you can file an appeal with the immigration court.

A lawyer from our firm will accompany you to every hearing and represent you before the immigration judge in defense of your rights. Increase your chances of obtaining a successful outcome for your immigration case and avoid unnecessary delays. Contact us today.

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