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Virtual Immigration Services

Comprehensive Immigration Services for Local, National, and International Clients

At our law firm, we offer virtual services to meet face-to-face with clients like you who need representation in the United States immigration court or legal advice on immigration matters but are located in another city, state, or country.

Complete virtual case assessment and resolution

Clients of Gallardo Immigration Law can access our legal services and attorneys from anywhere in the country or the world through a secure internet connection or by phone. This is very convenient for clients who, for various reasons, cannot travel to our offices or for those who are genuinely interested in being advised and represented by our attorneys but are geographically unable to do so.

Current online technology is extremely efficient and reliable, allowing us to assist you from any location, whether you live around the corner or in a more remote place. This means that many procedures and the collection of necessary documentation to process your case can now be done entirely online. Our attorneys can even appear in court without you having to leave your place of residence, depending on the type of case.

Simply contact us by phone or through our online platforms, and we will schedule a virtual consultation as soon as possible, either via mobile phone, Zoom, or any other available video conferencing platform.

Need help with Immigration issues?


Given the complexity and fluidity of U.S. immigration policies, global migration poses its own challenges involving legal, political, and cultural issues.

Our law firm, Gallardo Immigration Law, boldly addresses all the challenges that arise, from subtle visa sponsorship and waivers to complex asylum cases.

We respond quickly to urgent immigration concerns, including workplace raids and ICE detention or removal actions. We are available through any means of communication you have. We have extensive knowledge in areas such as family reunification, deportation cases, asylum, and adjustment of status, which greatly affect many immigrants in the United States. Just contact us to analyze and initiate your online procedures.

Advantages of a Virtual Immigration Law Office

  • Our Gallardo Immigration Law client portal is online 24/7.
  • This service is ideal for individuals with a busy schedule who cannot visit our offices but need to speak with an attorney during their limited free time, outside normal office hours.
  • Our online services allow you to choose us to represent you from anywhere in the country or the world. We offer borderless legal advice in any aspect of the law.
  • Save travel time, gasoline, and energy.
  • Our office can reduce costs when handling cases online, and usually, this translates into a cost reduction in our fee for you as well.
  • Easy and convenient meetings and consultations via Zoom or any other video platform. You can even use your phone from the comfort of your office or car to immediately contact any of our Gallardo Immigration Law attorneys.

What Online-Based Immigration Services Are Provided by our Firm


Visa analysis. Contact us, and our attorneys will guide you through the easiest path to obtaining a U.S. entry visa.

Green Card and Naturalization

Permanent residency. We will guide you through all the steps of the Permanent Resident Card process, from labor certification to completing the application.

Family Petitions

Family-based petitions allow individuals in the United States to sponsor their family members to immigrate. If you have relatives abroad, regardless of their location, they can benefit from our virtual services at Gallardo Immigration Law for an immediate response.


Asylum is a form of protection that allows a person to remain in the United States instead of being deported to a country where they fear persecution or harm. According to U.S. law, individuals fleeing their countries due to fear of persecution can apply for asylum. We have represented numerous clients who have been granted protection and the right to stay in the United States.

Employment Authorization Document

If you need to obtain a work permit in the United States, our firm is committed to helping you obtain it through the easiest and fastest route.

Our attorneys are available for virtual employment-based visa petitions.

Immigration Status Adjustment

Immigration status adjustments are a constant part of the legalization process. At our firm, our attorneys advise that, to be eligible for adjustment of status, a person must have been inspected and admitted or paroled into the United States; you must be eligible to receive an immigrant visa and must not be inadmissible to the United States.

Humanitarian Parole

Humanitarian parole is a process we handle at Gallardo Immigration Law more often than you might think. Humanitarian parole is a discretionary grant of temporary permission to enter the United States for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit.

Do you have an emergency that meets the requirements for humanitarian parole to enter the United States? Let us know your case, and we will assist you either in person or online.


Our law firm will advise you on all aspects of legal and secure immigration to the United States. Contact us today to learn about all the virtual services we offer.


Supporting Clients Locally and Nationwide through Virtual consultation and representation

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in all aspects of U.S. laws have made our immigration advice recognized throughout the country and beyond our borders. As a result, more and more people from various locations and nationalities demand our services. To meet their needs, we are constantly seeking alternatives to solve all the cases we receive and help our clients wherever they may be.

We are a reputable law firm with a variety of legal resources to represent you, including consultations and case resolution, all in a fully virtual manner. Contact us today, no matter where you are, to receive guidance from our Gallardo Immigration Law attorneys.

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