Applicants can obtain a J-1 visa in order to seek admission to the United States for full-time studies. Citizens from Canada or Bermuda are not required a J-1 visa yet they must pr

Transferring your company’s key employers to the U.S. is always a cause of great concern. Managers, employers, and executives with special skills can qualify for employment in th

Foreign nationals dream of educational opportunities in the United States to start a career and improve their living conditions back home. Student visas are the door to these endea

If you are a U.S. citizen and you wish to marry someone that was born and resides in another country, the K-1 visa will provide you with the opportunity to bring your fiance to U.S

For as long as the United States has been a unified force for good in the world, people have sought asylum within its borders. In fact, as the inscription known as “The New Colos

Throughout history we have seen that United States’ foreign employers, corporations, and businesspersons can significantly benefit our nation through their immigration to U.S. Im

Who can apply for US Citizenship? In order to become a citizen through naturalization you must first become a permanent resident and meet other requirements such as: Living in the

The United States entered into mutual treaties with many other countries in which overseas national business individuals can have an E-1 or E-2 visas for business purposes. These v

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